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Zumas Revenge! Demo Free Download Torrent

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Zumas Revenge! Demo

Revenge of Zuma! Is addictive sequel to Zuma, the bubble bursts in which you will control the lost frog you find against an angry island god, Zuma.

The story is just a puzzle decoration sometimes do Revenge of the Zuma! However, the text and dialogue funny and shame really helpedTo make this experience interesting.

You control the frog in the middle of the screen, shoot the ball balls of the meringsJalan chain to the mouth of the statue. Your task is to stop their arrival. The ball is cleared of the usual method of creating a chain of three or moreWith the same color. There are different power-ups to keep Zuma Revenge! Interestingly, there are a number of different lines of design.

There are also battles with bosses who fight the Revenge of the Main Zuma on every few levels! Mechanic, but adds one more to turn the machine backThe ball is infinite.

If you have never bermainSebuah game Zuma, Revenge Zuma! The game will be simple but very interesting. For those who have never played before, Novak graphics, and there are some nice changes in the game to keep interesting. ZenMate VPN for Chrome 5 Download Torrent

Dependence, interesting and humorous – unless you hate a puzzleGames, you will find that you can constantly play Revenge of the Zuma!


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