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Youtubers Life

YouTubers The Life of U-Play The online game of tycoon / tycoon an excellent simulation of life that the player strives to become the top video blogger Earth by editing video, attracting legions of fans and gain great riches in this process. Players heroes thousands of options canBe fun to adapt. Players can simulate real life YouTube session recording participants as they play gambling, buy new and classic consoles and manage everyday tasks in learning time management skills!

BeginYoutuberNid CareerLight!

PlayersCan track the entire life process of YouTube participants from start to finish, and publish their work online on a systematic basis. The process of editing video clips has become a totally absorbing experience! Players can get their favorite online game titlesAre submitted on paper, and then begin to be recorded on the game sessions. Video recording and presentation skills can be refined to enable the player to the Roof to realize the quest to become a major live video blogger. Which is starting to endCareer your video blog in the room of your parents and get the chores and keeping the school and mum was happy when trying to increase hits and visit your page.

There is life after editing a video

A fast-paced life of a fake video blogger in lifeYouTube attendees only offer to register video blogs and collect vanvolgelinge, hits and viewers. On YouTube, learning the value of life away from the game sgrin.Yn attending the movie premiere and the press to start the game while resting at parties, clubs and yachts, luxurious,Even when they finally arrive. Players can find new friends, clear careerists and even find their partner in life as they make their way through the game.

Specifications and requirements

OpWindows system, the game will work on an old machine that stillWindows XP is running, and all the reps-new Windows.Mae get 3 MB of storage available as well as 2 GB of RAM. Graphics memory512 MB needed to support NVIDIA GeForce. On Apple Mac OS, you need a GHz processor 2 or faster, as well as 3 MB of storage with 2 GB of RAM.Of both Windows and Mac systems is best for the game played in 16: 9 resolution.

Prove life on YouTube!

This game works well, it does not laugh easily accessible and very friendly defnyddiwra playable. The game is fun and addictive if it can be repeated, but it is a common feature of simulation / strategyManage games that appeal to the target market for this type of game. Honorable family aspect leads to increased attractiveness of the game, and financial management skills can help promote tycoonsdigitale future. So do not hesitate to download the participantsYouTube Life Today.

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