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USB Show

USB Show shows hidden files on USB memory. It is very useful to eliminate the effects of direct access viruses, direct access viruses or hidden folder folders that pass through memory.

Hidden Detective Tent

USB Show is looking for connected computers, looking for searches and hidden files, and instantlyDetects them. Create a record at a time, you can also find folders.

When you open a USB drive in your browser, the previously hidden files and all folders will be visible. Warning: all USB-visible files should not be deleted.

Click and wait, it’s just as easy

The USB show is simple: you need to choose a disk scanand click on one available button. After selecting a disc, a USB show will be searched, which will not be detected again.

USB display is only available in Spanish and English. The interface has no help features and no text. So, besides, the role of this utility is very accurate, and there is no need to knowmore.

It is useful, but it is not an antivirus

A USB show is useful for anti-virus software activity, but it’s not a hidden software. If you suspect that your USB flash drive contains infected files, you should use a reliable antivirus softwareor an antivirus program such as MCShield or Amir Antivirus.

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