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TinyTask 1.45 installer download

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TinyTask 1.45

TinyTask’s small free utility allows you to work in the dark on your computer. To do this you just record the use of interactive tools and then make it into a small macro you can click to use to do the work in the future. If you tend to do the same process over and over – over the solution for example – this is a useful tool for Reducing to one click.

Not automatic task assignment

TinyTask is a very useful free source documentsmall. That’s a good thing, but it shows in terms of what you see when you open it.All tools include a small window with a row of icons in it. If you use the software for your phone through this process it may be a bit confused. The good news is that there is a lot of confusion about; After a few tries, you will have it overrun. Just click on the icon to record, then do the tasks you need to create. This tool will record keystrokes,Click the mouse and movement you made. Lao Sin on the record and you can export as a macro.

Simple but effective

TinyTask is free, simple and effective. If longterm hit to one click sounds useful to you, Check it out.

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