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The Star 2017

A small but brave ass and his friends became anonymous heroes for the first Christmas. In the animated image, Sony Pictures The Star, a small but bold bird named Bo, wants to live more than just a daily life at home. One day he finds the courage to not break and finally goes to sleep. On his way he workswith Ruth, a happy sheep that has lost sheep, and Dave – a bird of great desire. With stable wildlife and animals, Bo and her new friends join the Star and become an involuntary hero in the great story that has ever been told – the first Christmas.

DetectiveHarryHall investigates the loss of a woman with a pink blanket, surrounded by a pretty handsome man. When investigators investigate elite criminals who investigate casualties in the first winter winter season, he fears that Syrian fighters may be active again. With a helpful broker,the police must be linked to a one-year cruel case if it hopes to shrink the crime. This is unthinkable before the next snowfall.

Detective Snowman Harry Hall investigated the disappearance of a woman in Oslo, where the pink veil is wrapped in rocky snow. FearThis can be torture, the researchers are exploring all the abandoned clues.

Language: English

Subtitles: Na

classification: NA

Date of announcement: 07 December 2017

Crime / Drama

Time: No

Distributor: United International Photos

Actor: Michael Fasbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Directed by:Thomas Alfredon

Format: 2D

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