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The Sims 4:

Work with Sims 4! You can finally follow your Sims working hard to give them various careers, or to force them to act an entrepreneur and start your own business. You could have the richest man in the area, or you might end up in the ruins!

This addon is for The Sims 4 and requires the original game.

Employee of the Month?

Sims 4 comes to work! Have three new professions for you to follow: doctors, detectives and wissenschaftler.Im the distinguished professionWe know Sims 4, you actually follow your Sims for their work and help them to do everything possible.

If you decide to become a doctor, you will join the Sim in their clinic, where they see patients and diagnose and prescribe medications or surgical vmeshatelstvo.V additions to break the daily routine, you can visit patients at their home in The Sims.
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HowDecective, you can see the police station, thoughMost of the time deinerDie was spent patrolling the streets and finding evidence and witnesses of crime. Back to the staff, your detective Sims will discuss cases of alleged giving and more.

Choose selected to be a scientist, and you go to a great laboratory analysis of flora and fauna in metal Sims making all kinds of devices, and you can even detect life on other planets. Not only that, but foreigners can enter the city and hide among the general population. SimYou can help scientists alike aufzudeckenDie in your neighborhood.

If the professionals are not zvuchitVashe imagination, your Sims for entrepreneurs who start their own business. You can buy plots, and use them to build a business where you can sell things that make your Sims or what, what you get from the build mode.

Triumph at work comes at a price

The Sims 4 came to work! Bring you a new amount: a job. SB Unlike those areasTraditional communal jobs do not appear on the map, and you can visit them only when your Sim is working. MKV to MP4 x86 Download Torrent
Make business, and you can always visit if you like. Entrepreneurship is so hard that it is advisable to install the bathroom and even the bed!

Weekdays in The Sims 4 job! Jobs similar to appointments and events in the original game. All based on hours, with a list of tasks to be completed within this time. Walk well and receivePromotions and new opportunities. The game that works feels good anZuerst passes, but a few hours later you find that you have to do. Sometimes there is an extraordinary situation, which disrupts the rhythm of the day.

Regardless of the profession you choose, work Sims 4! Work life started very well, this invisible complication and the feeling that not enough time in the day to finish all. The experience makes the job easier, and you will soon learn the profession.

Running companyWhich is different.ÖffnenEin shop and you will be responsible for management. As a simplified version of Tycoon series buys, or they produce a product, make sure that the store is always ready for customers that your employees are happy. Like a real business, you have to put a lot of effort before you can enjoy every success. This can be frustrating

While the profession makes it possible to make life more or less tolerant of problems, opening a business can easily beCausing complete destruction. Of course, you can also become rich, but always very slow and expensive. They can easily give up, give up and go to work elsewhere!

Use Outdoor Retreat expansion pack light, The Sims 4! Refresh inside and bring lots of new content in the game. It really changed the Sims 4, and it was nice to have something to focus on home. And very goodexpansion, it makes us very much hope for the future Sims 4. What next?


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