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Scrabble is known board game with letters and strategy. This software brings hours of fun on the computer screen, and provides some additional small features to enrich the whole experience.

Play a few games Legendary gamewords on the screen

Scrabble is a game of strategy, which includes a selection of random tiles, each yakihSm letter. The real challenge is to place the letters to words that are already in the game, each character has a meaning and a player network gaming and tiles passtDas score points,addingthe total meaning of the word. In addition to the values ​​in the letter, there are certain areas on the board, which increase the estimate of such. How to triple by words or double and triple letters all help to ensure a higher bal.Dlya to play the game on the screen gives you an advantage,that you can play alone against the computer. The dictionary does not contain the need to look up words, and of course, your score is automatically calculated.

Fast and addictive word game

Scrabble is a great time killer,which makes the addictive hours. Potential to play it on your PCalboSyabar with or against the system opens to get your fix games words at any time opportunity.

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