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Papers, Please 0

Documents Please unusual game in which the inspector immigration officer you play. Your job is to make sure that everything pulling on the area of ​​their documents are in order and to keep the changes in a set of immigration laws.

refused entry

Uartikel, you can play the citizenRepublic of Soviet-style, and he was ordered to work as an immigration inspector. You have not punished a lot and financially because of an error to make. As each person comes imigracijuKontrola, you pavinnyperakanaytsesya that everything is correct. He gets ingewikkeldSoos gamesprogresses, so you can easily bring something criminal blunder.

You must make sure that you can feed your family and keep them healthy, so that mistakes a bad influence on them. It is difficult to manage the basic wage, so errors can leitotdat election of members of families who wantto stay alive. Pretty depressing stuff.

DepresivnoDrab retro

Paper, make sure that you have a well-designed interface and good governance, which logkapadabrats as the game progresses. graphics, low quality 8-bit look corresponding sulfur Soviet sensitive feelings of the game.But the documents, please do not play in which the main attraction of graphics or sound. This is a game that make you think, and it makes you look at what kind of person you will be forced kies’n decent immigrants and care about vašimporodica.

Are you a bad person?

Documents, pleaseRazvlekatelnyy.Igry not in the traditional sense of the word. Noeto far, very well designed and well written. As evidence that video games are not stupid, and can be “art,” it’s great.

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