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Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and a package of bread and butter business is the recipe of the product, while moving the specific focus of the Windows platform. It is a work that led to the release of iOS, Android and Windows Phone Windows and Mac before, when the cause is a duty in 2016.

All things change for him, small men

After going through the installation process will last wersjeMicrosoft Access, Excel, onedrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, Word installed. Andimportant to note that this program is not available for download separately and as a package. If necessary, the previous version of the program is important to note that at the time was somewhat able to run side-by-side work 2013-2016, and we can no matter due consideration of the work machine.

głównąróżnica: one is the Lincoln Business Tomorrow we are seeing now.

At first glance appearance of words is very similar to the 2013 version, though it may takeunsenorme blue ribbon interface. Well, a little different, are commanded to worship idols and remain the same.

It is also the box is visible Please tell me more to seek the help menu. For example, type insert to comment and suggest, but functions; True to add a comment has to do te.Sed since this function is also Excel and PowerPoint.

This feature is available for the online service.

Other new features include the word is where you can download programslibropara of Microsoft Word, and simplest options for storing email addresses and add the cloud accounts at the headquarters of choice OneDrivene confusion.

In racks to improve

Excel menu is a bit ugly, but the interface is basically the same in previous versions. Although they may not be able to see or changes, such as Excel, which use a large amount of data needed when you want to know Microsoft Business Intelligencezwiększyła for his own glory and sizefeature (B) up.

Companyâ integrated with many extras, such as BI, which were only available separately earlier versions of Office. These include the power of the emperors we must add the request for additions, instead of the facts was made without the knowledge of there, which should easily allow users to surface (for example, through the services B. obvious); View and power in order to easily create reports, which were given by allowing users creadosaínda more.There are also many new and wykresówWykresy to choose from, including treemap, Sunburst, cataract, a box Histogram Pareto.

It is also a new nexumcum onedrive so you can attach a file directly in the cloud.


never change

In general, changes in Office 2016 for Windows, which are smaller than tell me useful features seen every day User. Excellent in terms of users of Microsoft Developerdar right steps forward.

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