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Netflik is a video streaming application that allows you to access excellent movie libraries and TV shows.

Netflik gets the Windows Live UI for Windows 8 application with a great interface. From the Home screen you will get 3 videos that you last reviewed and your local Kueue. Swipe left and you will see the suggested videos, popular on Netflik, and videos grouped by genre.

Surely smooth and the video looks good. Great control and easy navigation, especially with touch, even if the application is working wellthe mouse and the keyboard. The whole interface does not get away from Netflik’s website and other applications. Movies and TV shows are synced in boxes with big thumbnails from movies or art exhibitions.

Netflik will save you a place when you break or close the program, and you can choose to locate other Netflick support devices. It’s great if you want to switch to look at the tablet to watch the big screen.

Neflik also supports multitasking windows 8. You can use Netflixapp on both sides of the screen to watch videos on a screen while using other apps. Alternatively, you can use Netflik as the main application and connect other applications to install Netflik multitask through Windows. All Netflik programs can even be used in this multitasking mode.

All in all, Netflik bring good viewers movies and watch TV on Windows 8 and 10.


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