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My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom plays a virtual pet that includes Talking Tom Cat and Star Talking Tom Cat 2 Tom has to make happy eating it, caress it, take him to the bathroom, put him to sleep through and play with him.

More than ever Interactive

My Talking Tom retains the same basic functionality asApplication Talking Tom Cat, but takes things a little further, what dajedużo more to do, and you more in the role of a guardian.

You can still do all the basic things you can talk Say Tom Cat game and dress 7 other animals that have had Tom repeat what you say inSqueaky voice and interact with it by touching it in different ways. My Talking Tom format, but now feels more like a virtual pet game, POU. More to do with a cat friend, like playing mini-games, adaptacjiJego look, variety of food choicesAnd decoration of Tom’s home.

The possibility of creating a large arallnodwedd Tom you share it with the world.

Getting New ThingsNew Talking Tom asks for coin games that are won as well as go or you can buy it. Leveling is a system where you can qualify for time with the catAnd make sure their needs are met. When pozomaż will unlock new items and items from the store.

There are mini games called My Talking Tom, like a damaged-a-mall that allows ennilldarnau money, and entertainment meets the needs of Tom.

My Talking Tom how to play

Like Pou (A Tamagotchi for thisQuestion) your pet My Talking Tom Some “must” that musząspełnione. They are represented by a circular gauge at the bottom, which is slow and ozone has to be replenished by performing a specific action. The principle is simple to understand, and when you play My Talking Tom the first concepts are shownAs good for you.

Four meters needs: fun (zoo make-up or play mini-games Talking Tom), food (bitefood supplement), bladder (supplemented drodzego to toilets) and fatigue (Tom added by bedding and shutting down Of light). ToPerform each of these steps, but you must touch the icon corresponding to the meter.

What does he look like?

Graphics and overall performance in my Talking Tom Cat have esblygullawer on Talking Tom Cat 2. To a large extent they still look the same (though you can adjust more for it)And his shrieking głosidentyczne. Moreover, it seems that Tom the single hero who appears in the game (for example, there is no trace of his girlfriend Angela conversation or inconvenience neighbor talked dog Ben.

An interesting feature of My Talking Tom is the ability to visit other Thai playersThink about how they taste it. You can also search for drysorcistiau, where you can see more coins.

There is also a mini-game where you have to guess what Tom is wearing, which is quite fun, especially for the younger players.


If you steal a fan of Tom Cat or POU, you will enjoy Talking Tom becauseIt combines the finest elements of both. However, some of them may find the process of constantly paying attention to the cat a little boring and repetitive.

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