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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24 torrent

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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

Thunderbird client desktop e-mail, as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook, from the makers of Firefox.

Thunderbird is solved award winning and free from Mozilla to manage your email more efficiently. And benefits for many of them as well.Unlike e-mail, for example, it can be a unique virtual and built on the fly and it is regarded widely as one of the best spam filters out there. Recently there has beenSmooth improved tabbed interface makes email more easily.

The fact that such: Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbirdcan be filled with all kinds of upgrades, making mail clients extremely competitive. Also now much faster and more stable than before because of engineGecko 5.


MozillaThunderbird is painless. You can import your emails and contacts quickly from Outlook or your email account and einrichtenblinken POP3, IMAP or SMTP account. Products are rules, Mozilla Thunderbird to filter your mail into separate folders and mailboxes.And surely spell checker built in to make sure your emails are crafted professionally.

Whatmakes Mozilla Thunderbird slightly unusual is the fact that it comes with a built-in RSS reader.Now, this is obsolete small because many people application separately – or even Firefox itself – used to follow RSS feeds, but it can be useful to youJust seinWenn same time sending e-mail and send RSS feeds to follow.

And search your email

Search Tools Thunderbird is excellent and searches happen when you actually print. Results will be displayed in a separate tab.Tabs are generally a large part of the Thunderbird,and the like: Firefox, you can open multiple message box separately. This is a fantastic feature of Thunderbird, even tempt you to open one too many.Storage features are also useful for those who want to delete any messages, but to clear space in their inbox.

So what about security? You may think that a customer opens an email that appears reliable than payBut Thunderbird is surprisingly reliable spam filter bulletproof fairly. The reason is that Thunderbird is updated regularly and made by volunteers, is primarilyinterested in making a product better instead produce final updateprofitieren.Sicherheits is normal, but small, so as not to slow down Thunderbird.

Support exchange

One of the biggest selling points is that it provides Mozilla Thunderbird support sharing Microsoft, which means it will appeal to office dropped it.

On the other handapp in some areas lacks finesse.Thunderbird no views email a conversation like Gmail (although this promotion can be downloaded separately tunKann) and no options are many for managingattachments and photos.There is also a calendar, but again, you can download it in the form of “lightning” separately.

Thunderbird as a free alternative to perfect Microsoft Outlook.

They try apps and software? E-mail clients discover best for businesses to solve our problem.


SecurityOne problem that sometimes caused corruption in the local folder after filtering now fixed (815012)

Problems caused by deletion of design that has been stored in foldersIMAP while fixed now over offline (805626)

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