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Mozilla Firefox Beta 9 torrent download

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Mozilla Firefox Beta 9

Another day, another Firefox Beta. While the new Mozilla Mozilla Marketplace for Web applications is compromised for your browser, it has not been announced. Hopes the 19 versions of Firefox Beta allow users to increase productivity, as well as some changes under the hood for developers.

FirefoxBeta adds a built-in PDF viewer, so you do not have to rely on the plug. Another important update is that Firefox will offer to return URLChtoby string search as a third-party appDefault, change it.

Small improvements including faster downloading, so you need to open the browser faster. Developers also have new features by tricking pause support exceptions, remote Web console can be connected to Firefox for Android or Firefox OS and browser add-in debugger.

Firefox adds many Betanefungsi important, but still with the stable development of the browser.

For the stable version of Firefox, click here.


For more information about this update, please checkhere:

Mozilla Firefox is a free open source Web browser that offers Various features and settings. The performance is excellent, and is designed to provide confidentsialnostzaschitit.

All functions are required

Firefox includes many built-in functions that can be extended with large directory extensions.

It provides a customized, standard tabblare on all current browsers for some time. It also has a built-in search engine and is adaptable.

Access izGlavnaya to the search barGoogle and a list of shortcuts to gain access to downloaded files, bookmarks, history, add-ons, synchronization and settings. It has all the necessary functions, and also includes a spell checker, built-in PDF reader, geo-tagging navigation and more.

With security, there are pop-up blockers, anti-phishing filters and functions to protect your privacy, the cornerstone of Mozilla. Except togoobychny private browsing mode, Firefox offers the ability to block your sitesTo track and even be able to tell which sites you will find using Add-LightBeam.

Firefox offers a system that ensures that the sites you visit, are reliable, and also to confirm that the connection is secure. SekuriteitsopdateringsIs is automated to ensure that you are always protected against the latest threats.

Etotakzhe offers several basic checks, integrated PDF reader, geolocation navigation, reading mode for uninterrupted reading, integration with pocket andMany others.


One of the biggest advantages of Firefox is the ability to adapt to every user, made possible thanks to the many customization options that allow you to brauzerOrganizatsiya and adapt to your needs – including the opportunity to have your favorite website to submit.

Many themes are available to keep the Firefox interface, and you can manage your tools and the most used features as you want them toMenu or custom toolbar.

Firefox is also a great way to customize your browser and improve functionality. Some supplements, such as neobhodimyestat Adblock PlusOf Video Download Helper, and several million users.

ExceptIn addition, Firefox Firefox Hello, ephemerale chat service similar to Hangouts, and on the basis of the WebRTC protocol (so you do not need additional plug-ins). With Firefox Hello, you can send the page you directed to visit his friends.

It startsWith version 35 providing access to Firefox for expansion magazinaFirefoxPasar on the panel itself.

One of the best browsers available

There is a reason why Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It’s entirely in terms of functionality, reliability and flexibility, and offers everything you need to surf the Internet as It can be more smoothly.

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