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Monopoly Here & Now Edition

Monopoly – a Brettspiel Favorite classic turned into a computer game that you can acquire property and get in competition with your friends more money.

Most people probably love to play as Monopoly and other board games with friends and family as a child. The combination of fun board game Monopoly capitalism and the finished expansion in the 1980s.

Monopoly Here and Now- It has been updated izdaniePopulyarny classic, with the gameplay reliableAnd the Commission, with the revised budget and situation. For example, in the places where four railroad original game, But instead of a ayproty O’Hare International and JFK in New York. Monopolies traditional office workers are converted the payment of interest on credit cards and pay phone services. Amount of each phase of the game is completely different.You can buy a property for $ 60Kak in the old days!

Design Monopoly was now only a sign, but it contains many new elementsSuch as signs and pieces. In fact, life will be a little annoying after about five minutes (And you can not disable it on the menu options). The music and sound effects of the game can be deactivated, which is very handy because they are annoying after about five minutes.

Other itemsMore monopoliiNaprimer, insurance and auctions run well, although the time computer run travel window warning “on the plot you want to lay Click” read some usersCan prevent to get them to think there is something else to do, they must when it is their turn.

MonopolThe now-pereskazka fun classic game that has diminished a bit of a dark and tone.

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