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Microsoft Office 2016

Release information

– Languages: English (en-US)

– Channel: Share license

– Version:

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Writing resources: English, French, Spanish

– Updated 14 June 2016

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Security Updates: KB3115144, KB3114862, KB3115041, KB3115182

The default setup has been modified (slightly customized using the October Office CustomizationAlat)


– shortcuts – Office 2016 by default decides to distribute all shortcuts in the Start menu UNDER subdirectory over the start menu.

File setup adjustments included Insert all Office 2016 suite shortcuts in a Microsoft Office 2016 sub guide, and Office tools in subfolders Tools

– The choice of default settings – All programs and features will be installed by default unless Skype for Business (Office 2016 PROPLUS) and ** Telemetry Office (Office 2016 suites / Applications) – you canClearly change all the setting options if you want

* Skype for Business (why you can not install them or accept to install it as a “reforms” option from Microsoft Update)

The problem is that the default configuration will install Skype for Business, or the client computers already have Skype installed or not.

If you choose to install Skype for Business on Office Settings, this will run through the wizard setup script, after which you start Skype when Windows starts, install Skype Call.ClickKe, set Bing as a search engine and MSN as your homepage, and then you’ll sign up.

This is where the confusion begins. Accounts of what I use Skype If you choose a name and use the existing account (personal / household), the computer will give a computer to use two identities – Skype for your personal account and Skype for Business to you Work account. If you choose what you do not want – MicrosoftAccount, it will create a new Live ID email address from your office.create.

** Telemetry Office (why you may not want to segment your data)

Telemetry Dashboard displays the file name and title of the document in the most recent User List, each user, which may reveal personal or confidential information about the user or organization. The name of the add-ins and other solutions used by the Office are also displayed.

Agent telemetry collects inventory, usage, and other application data and downloads it to a shared directory, where it is processed byThe service known as telemetry processor and SQL database disisipkan.Ke Telemetry Dashboard in connection with this database so it can indicate the use of the files, add-ins, and office solutions.

Bonus guide

– KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit BETA 5 (Activator)

– UBitMenu Customizer (add tools and menus from Office 2003 to Office 2016) – Free for personal use

– Previous Version Installer (Office 2016,2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Convert / Restore “Log In” option in Office programs(Reg file)

– Call / Restore Office 2016 Telemetry (Reg File)


– x86:

– x64:

Compatibility with previous versions

Microsoft has released the ability to run parallel versions of Office with the release of 2016.

Part of the installation will find and remove the previous version and will not allow the operation of older components. Older versions of Outlook 2013/2010 by publisher2016.

Dengankata others, do not mix versions of Office.

You can use Microsoft Fixit tools withRemove / remove / delete the previous version of Office (included in the Bonus Guide).

It harusHapus all traces of officials of the system

Now Cabinet Microspace 2016 Part Edition

Unlike Click2Run edition, Share Edition provides the work application by Account Page (Figure – Accounts – Updates).

To get updates VL versions of Office 2016, you must enable “Dapatkankemas now for other Microsoft Update products” in Windows Update.

system requirements

– 64-bit versionJust run on 64-bit systems

– OS: Windows 10 Windows 10 SP1 + Server, Server 2012 R2 / 2012/2008 R2

NET language version: Requires NET Some features required or CLR for NET is also installed


– Remove the version installed before using the uninstaller (bonus guide) and reload if necessary

– Mount / fire / extract ISO files

– The installation componentOffice

– Enable the use of KMSpico / Microsoft Toolkit to complete the BETA 5 installation of all products

-Switch / Restore Office 2016 Telemetry – Merge Right File ‘Disable / Restore Office 2016 Telemetry (effective to restart your computer)

-Nonaktifkan / Restore “Log in” to office applications – merge right file “Disable / Reset Sign in (effective to restart your computer)

– Installing UBitMenu Customizer (Optional)

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