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Max Payne

Max Payne is a third-person shooter where you take on the role of collision-burst modern intentions, a colorful crime offense. Released in 2001, the game runs in slow motion “bullet time” Will it still be used in many games later. From violence,Associated with the neo-black oil recovery pilot killed his wife and their children reach the bottom of the medicine for the ring.

Off guns and shades of gray

Gameplay The water of PayneNi is very simple – if you played in the rest of the third shot, you know. Use your abilities to makeA snapshot to win a major weapon; Although your movements are slow, In order to have time to think it is important. Typically, you will need to use a gun, but the game continues to have more weapons to choose from. Some features of the solution and solve the puzzle, but not enough. ByAs the information proceeds, Oil has fallen more in fear of hallucinations. Max kuchemshaMaelezo sometimes feels a little more, but this, along with colored panels of cartoons appear in the headbands, creating a humanitarian situation for humanity.

Put in search of the best

IfYou want to enjoy the three fighter and gray, dirty neo-noir aesthetics, Max Payne minority in the game must reflect.

You can use this game now, which is offered in June1max Payne 3 is a clean and simple game. A guide to Max Payne 2 RockstarHadi 2003 facingTrue to the series, as we see every bomb 2012 we expect it to do.


Max Payne 3 of his legacy includes three athletes. When the girl is again important, in your quest to survive tons of enemies and weapons filled with activities directed at you. Hard and soft, and the costIn favor of profit, – There are three ways to focus. Lock Lock Close your network to reach and be with them when the young castle makes water concentrating on the nearest enemy.

They said a big move Flashback, the water is amazing, as his life turning the stone lower than inThe city of Paul. Cut the leak in a sharp action, which makes it absorbs the water of Payne 3. I hope that we see more of this in action. GTA V is not difficult.

How different is the vinavyocheza to the saga of the various “War Gang” players a little between these two groups. When shots exchange kuunganishwaUwe,So that all eyes are on the lineatumiwe above the photograph when activated.

Sound image

Max Payne 3 seems to be good. It is full of visual effects that add a sense of water, and the beauty of the environment. Rockstar does not cut it when it comes to mute sound, and waterPayne 3 is no exception. Max himself is merry, and the voices sound perfectly fit shots so close to Paul’s reading.

Many players in Max Payne 3 mean that you have been playing the game for a long time, But this process also offers a single player key challenge. Even in Hard Lock, the gameIt becomes rigid, but it is reasonable to make it that you have failed.


Max Payne 3 is a worthy sequel, and a good storyline, story and atmosphere. The action is challenging and brutal, but daimaFuraha is enough to make you want to try again. It can notBe original or the LA Noire revolution, but Max Payne 3 is a game that has reached a very important topic for the year2012.

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