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Jitbit Macro Recorder

The computer is excellent, but some tasks can be a bit annoying if you need to do this every day. So it’s logical to install a macro recorder to perform this worldly activity for you – and the JitBit solution is not a bad choice. This application allows you to save a clickmouse, you also write cursor movements on the screen for later use. After these actions are recorded, they can be “repeated” at any time and even assembled into EXE files.

The program saves a lot of time inserting forms, generating information and performingmaintenance tasks, as well as great for creating video presentations and tutorials (although you can not export to different video formats).
However, for applications, it is best to use a script that allows you to program certain rules, such aslike startup programs or web pages, or even shut down your computer without removing yourself.

When it comes to Internet access, this application is a little uncomfortable, but for the overall computer tasks the JetBit Macro Recorder can become a real gift from God.


Play buttondisabled if there are no commands in the macro

Accidental delay randomly (the long-awaited function finally came here)

Confirm the confirmation right now by requesting an unsaved macro

The message remains “Not registered” when the button is set to “No”, the textplayback is fixed

Save empty file – fixed

Interface malfunction


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