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ImgBurn is an ultra-light application for burning CD / DVD / HD / DVD and Blu-ray discs, which everyone needs in their tool.

Taking photos is one of the fastest and most effective ways to store large amounts of data on a DVD or CD disc, because it allows users to download large amounts of data in a small file. In addition, it is now ready to be recorded on a DVD or disc.

ImgBurn has certain “regimes”, each of whom performs a different task. It includes a reading herewhich reads the disc in the image file; Make, creating graphic files from files on a computer or on a network; Go by writing a disk image; and Verifi, which checks if the disk is 100% readable.

With this latest option, you can also ensure that the data is correct by placing ImgBurn to compare the disk image with the disk. Finally, ImgBurn also includes Discoveri, which places your drive unit to check the speed and type of drives it can handle.

Paynote that if you have a problem with burning out pressure, your trip may not be enough. Quickly manage the settings configured on ImgBurn. or use the wrong drives.

ImgBurn is a very light and powerful image of the burner, which requires little experience, but make sure all your images are lit in a flash.


Added: Additional information (name of the service and driver for hard disk controllers) in the text “Family tree”.

Added: “Supported speedsread ‘on the disk with information in read / verify modes.

Added: New log entry (after logging in) DVD-RAM / HD DVD-RAM / BD-RE) shows the current status of the “Hardware Deployment Hardware” function on the disc. After switching on, the device should “usually” burn the disc for a long time, because in the automatic verification process after writing.

Added: The option to use the default wikasistema. If the exact match can not be found (the correct translation file in the folder is missing”Language”), the program will try to partially synchronize.

Added: The ability to perform the LiteEn SmartErase function.

Added: Show “MID” in the “Disc info” section on the right – it’s easier to find and always available under the same title.

Added: Ability to translate image / disk image values ​​to the recently added “Overburn / Truncate” message.

Added / changed: When you read In case of data failure in subchannels, the program will try to read RAV subchannels (and remove deinterlave,to get K).

Added / changed: The “Input with ImgBurn” input file option in any default extension of this file extension file – previously, by default.

Changed: After changing the item name to the DLE Window (in Vista +), the program will now open the file extension from the original selected text.

Changed: elements for changing the window name of the DLE window are also possible in the “normal” way with the mouse click on the selected element (instead of simply pressing F2).

changed:the default size of the I / O buffer. (Less than 1 GB of RAM = 20 MB, less than 2 GB of RAM = 40 MB, all others = 80 MB)

Changed: when the device has not read the sector block in the read / verify mode, the program will now report an error that was restored before attempting to read it (so the original error message was not registered).

Changed: Redirected to use original / basic fields for reloaded messages in Build mode/ Discoveri.

Changed: Share DVD / HD DVD / BD movie playback of different files to get volume tags with your own choices without using them only in the DVD Video section.

Changed: A code generator generating volume labeling templates on a DVD / HD DVD / BD Video compilation was tested.

Changed / Fixed: When you managed to create a CCD image file, the PreGap sectors will be converted / added to the sector “Indek 0” and included in the IMG file.

Changed / Fixed: Solving the probleminfinite loops with some virtual disks caused by disinformation in the “READ SUB CHANNEL” command.

Changed / Fixed: Automatic option “Automatic interrupt on power up” of the autoloader does not apply to read mode.

Changed / Fixed: Disks with an error solution (LG) return “Incorrect field to CDB” and not “Incorrect field in the parameter list” in response to a specific command.

Fiked: The default Overburning method always returns to “overburn”.

Fiked:unnecessary creation of MDS files.

Fiked: changing the number of required image copies (in writing mode) that is currently being recorded does not update the amount displayed in the progress window.

Fixed: Error parsing data in VAV files.

Fixed: by clicking the e-mail link in the field (and “OK” in voicemail), the default e-mail client is not lit because it should be done (nothing is done).

Fiked: a problem with long initial filenames leading to a warningabout “error 0k3002” and preventing opening / recorddialog below KSP (and probably older operating systems).

Fiked: a potentially false positive code that detects a BCD within the RAV list is returned from the CD.

Fixed: When reading from “Advanced Format” with sector 4k (physical and logical), the program may encounter an error (invalid parameter?) At the end of the recording / verification operation. Clicking “Repeat” will allow you to finish successfully.

Fixed: / read / verify data in the given name by the CLI.

Fixed: The last digit on the MCN on the CD is incorrect.

Fixed: Potential drop after displaying the “Overlay” dialog box in compile mode.

Fiked: Potential drop when the “Optimize duplicate” option is available. Files are included.

ImgBurn supports the following formats


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