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Free Photo Frame 1

A free photo frame is a digital alternative to the classic picture frame that many people have at their office desk.

With a free photo frame, you can have your favorite images right on your desktop, put in one of the 25 beautiful pictures that are included in the application. You will findWide range of design: from the traditional wood frame to the more stylish, or even to the Christmas theme.

CaseYes for Free Photo Frame is that it also allows you to display beberapaFoto in a slide show, which is useful ifyou can not select one. Slideshow can be configuredTo change the image of a certain time and arrange them in different ways.

A free photo frame is not as severe for system resources and adds a nice touch to your desktop a little bored. The only disadvantage is that it can not appear or resizeOn the picture frame.

A free photo frame is a large virtual frame that allows you to highlight the digital andaGambar on the Windows desktop.

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