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FRAPS 3.5 32-Bit Torrent Download

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Fraps is a program to download video and video from your computer. You return the flight when playing games, and check the frame rate, which makes video games and screens easy to capture photos.

In a formally registered version of Fraps you can take 30 seconds of video, with a Fraps watermark, and that screenshotImages in BMP format. The full version does not have a watermark video and screenshots come in the format JPG, PNG, TGA s.

UsingFraps, the program is just open to play, and when the game starts, you will have the level set window to be in the corner of the screen, think carefully. To use screenshots and videos,Is a shortcut. You can choose to direct the screen, or occasionally from the scheduled gap.

For the video, you can speak out loudly, even with a microphone, so you can squeeze your way with ease. Production of loss-making videos – about 3 minutes of video will be close to 3GB, which means you take the Program in the required format.But Fraps is very light and should not affect the quality of the game.

If benchmarking all for one, and on video screens, Fraps is hard to beat. It’s easy and easy to use, with enough options to make the most users happy.


RunCore when you start using

RegularStorage users during loop recording

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