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DU Meter 7 Windows XP/7/8/10 installer download

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DU Meter 7

DU Meter is a tool for monitoring the use of the Internet, which is based on real-time traffic information services and download and upload applications for all animations. The program is designed to help monitor the use of the Internet, and you can also create reports or use the network, and create flexible and unwanted network activity. So, your internet connection, you can also use it efficiently.

DU Meter data transferGraphics provides a simple but accurate, it also gives you the exact total traffic volume on your computer. It works in the background and record network traffic for data, this tool also allows you to measure how to get a stable internet connection.


– Intuitively and easy to use too much

– Works in the background

– Records web traffic

– Generating network traffic volume

– Network connection track

– Real-time graphics Network

– Fully customizable options

-Mix web traffic reports

– Network traffic warning messages

Controlled use of your internet

– Save the file in a variety of formats

What’s new in DU Meter:

– Optimized for Windows 10

– Sparated track

– New Wi-Fi signal control

– Improved compatibility and security

– And much more.

Notes on installation:

– installing a program, not running

– Processes in Task Manager to end service Meter

– Copy the contents of the folder crack, in theMain program

-The default folder C: / ProgramuFiles (x86) / DU Meter

– Your computer is restarted

-Mahaigainean the lower right corner of the right mouse button on the DU meter icon.

– Select Notebook – Enter Information See License – Click Next

– Enter the user and the required license (as I type 1) – click Next – Done

Win 10 64bit – the screen after installation:

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