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Counter Strike Zombie Plague is one of the most popular mod for Counter Strike or CS You can download it for free and you do not need Steam to enjoy its contents.

Almost 100 zombies are waiting for you in dozens of modes

Zombie Plague is one of the pioneerofitsyna game Counter Strike Nexon: zombies. This modchanges the gameplay Counter Strike, which makes it Human vs. Zombies are going through.

Or are you bored like a zombie? Counter Strike Zombie Plague includes 94 different types of zombies so far. Fortunately, this includes a special weapon, such as an anti-grenade, many of the ways you are about Counter Strike Nexon: zombies are based on modesZombies Hear. At first glance, there will be no call, but when you try this, you will find out why Valve decided to create a special Counter Strike for zombie lovers.

Strong adaptive plague of zombies

Counter Strike Zombie Plague has many options for customization. You can change health, speed and otherparameters as people, and zombies at will. You can even activate unlimited ammunition!

Also in, probably, guessed that a big problem of such a fashion is the count. Counter Strike is not the best game in the world. If you are accustomed to smuggling Global imagery, then you, perhaps,not so want to try “Zombie plague.”

Remember, the Counter Strike Zombie Plague is mod, the download does not include the full CS version. I hope that you have a copy of this storage game, because today it is impossible to download Counter-Strike legally.

Incredible for nostalgia

Zombie Plague- it obovyazkovkachachaty for fans of zombies and / or nostalgic. You will have a lot of content, thanks to included a dozen enemies and rezhimi.Ako you do not like the graphics, we recommend a brilliant, though scary, Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

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