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AnyTrans 4.6 download free torrent

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AnyTrans 4.6

Nothing is more frustrating, because you can not have your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to transfer files from your PC or Mac, or vice versa. AnyTrans is a simple solution for any of the iOS devices for your PC or Mac to transfer simple data types.

It’s easy to install and move files

AnyTrans easy to install and move on. Delazer is not a good thing, what happens to your iOS device to install the client installed on your PC atauMac. In fact, iPhone or iPad all you have to doIt is connecting the first to confirm that the device is a reliable connection.

Once you connect the iOS device to your machine, AnyTrans automatically detects the type of device and gives you more options. At first glance, inmediatamenteGailuko shows all available media files.
OpenGL 4.5 From there, just and click on Import to transfer the files you want to select the top right bawah.Sebagai or a case, you just have to select Import and import all the meansOf communication on your computer or your iTunes library.

ICloud issues

Unfortunately, AnyTrans does not work if your device is on iCloud. If you try to synchronize contacts or iTunes as an example, it will automatically ask you to cancel the iCloud membership. This is, of course, but very boring if you do not want AnyTrans iCloud users to use files that are not majorMasalah synchronization.
Coda v2.6 AnyTrans just more appropriate for individual files very quickly and those that moveIndeed

Connect to the account of YouiCloud AnyTrans but this is not always something that most users should be careful about. Once connected, you can access and download your iCloud AnyTrans any data you want.

IOS file utility for Mac and PC which is good for families

KeseluruhannyaPengalaman AnyTrans users very good. The interface is not very OS X. With the emergence of retail and highlighting the good, and even small computer, there is no problem with experience in import and exportFrom hand to hand. Especially families with Mac and PC family, the way AnyTrans and easy pressure to transfer data between iOS devices and computers.


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