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Adobe Photoshop CS6

What’s new Photoshop is extended?

Adobe Photoshop CS6 more software image even more magic, new creative options, and Adobe Mercury graphics engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with greater precision and intuitively create 3D graphics, 2D designs, and movies with the help of new tools andWorkflow reimagined. *

Photoshop CS6 Advanced Features

Enhance your creativity and increase productivity. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Advanced software opariakMerkurio graphics engine newyddAdobeblazingly fast performance, this new Content-aware tools, simplified creation of 3D artwork, reengineeredDesign tools, and more. *

Content-aware patch: more control of the patch of content, which allows you to select the surface used for option content aware to create a piece of land.

Mercury Graphics Engine: See near immediate results, such asImage editing and puppet liquify duzuWarp key tool, to create 3D artwork, images and matte other large files in *.

3DHwb performance: Experience enhanced performance throughout your 3D workflows. Show shadows and reflections in all editing modes, quickly make modulesAdobe Mercury graphics engine RayTrace thank you for working, and more. *

3D controls available: Use the user interface is much easier to create and animate intuitive 3D artwork. Context and Erabilikontrolatzen on-screen manipulates 3D extrusions cage, objects in the stage,Brighten and change the orientation. *

Aoffer New reengineered design: Make superior designs faster. Format according to style style, use vector layers to apply strokes and add inclines to vector objects, easily create your own moves and dashedLines, quick search layers, and more.

New Blur Gallery: to quickly create photo controls blur effects picture erabilizon simple interface. Effects tilt-Shift blur everything and then focal pointresults one, or more focal points of vagueness. MercuryGraffegThe engine provides immediate results. *

All New Crop Tool: crop faster and more accurately all new Crop Tool, using destructive. Treat your pictures on the canvas, as well as exploit the Mercury graphics engine to see your adjustmentsHappened live. *

Modern user interface: Make laninterface Fresh, elegant dark background options that make your images pop, and a benefit to alleviate the processing experience, consistent with hundreds of design touches.

Newyddadlewyrchiadau drag shadows: to quickly achieve 3D realismBy adding and improving your ground plane shadows and reflections. Drag the shadow to reposition the light source, and easy to base reflections, shadows, and other editing effects. *

Intuitive Video Creation Bring Photoshop to image editing powerbideoetan. Easy improvementOn any clip using the full range of familiar editing tools Photoshop, and clips and photos combined with transitions, audio and effects such as pan and zoom.

Save back to continue working to save Photoshop files in the background while improving efficiencyCan help your productivity increase.

Automatic renewal: Let the work of the self-billing option save your changes without interrupting your progress. A copy of your work for more than 10 minutes, and a refund in case of unexpected shutdown.

EasyAlignment and distribution of 3D objects: *

Dozens of user-inspired widgets: Save more than 65 new images for creativity and productivity gisaPhotoshop way for users on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Migration and default division: easy to migrate settings, workingPlaces, preferences, and settings can also be experienced on Photoshop, the same way all your computers, share your setup, and previous versions of Photoshop CS6 bring âeich adjustment.

Eskuilakerodible Revolutionary: Get more natural and real drawing tips that erodeWorkHow you can use. Constantly wearing down and sharpened pencil or pastel paste to create different effects, and keep your favorite tips seem to disappear as a stabilizer.

Newyddpresets image: Simplify the stabilizer that offer a good starting pointPoint to create realistic picture effects with new colors.

Scripting Models: Creating a model with geometric patterns faster scripting.

Better 3D animation: All features Animation3D cameras, lighting, materials and networks animation timeline including and use. The latest performanceRendering is now much improved during the export of your 3D animation. *

Flexible methods of giving shadows: now running silent and the way Adobe RayTrace GL rendering can predict cysgodionyn. *

3D object like to join, merge more 3D objects into the scene right individuallyInteract with lighting and camera *.

Alternative scene: You can easily see artwork zureAngelu more 3D editing *.

3D viewing stereo and printing: Easy and usually stereoformats, such as JPS and import MPO, into the 3D pipeline, and easy adjustment to set the depthAnd diversity. Watch stereo monitors or TVs, stereo image, or print lenticulardelwedd 3D mode. *

Adobe Flash 3D Export: Easy Export 3D Art 3D View Adobe Flash as a Web Browser. Adobe also exports 3D artwork assets erabiltzekoFlash builder software (sold separately). *

3D sketchAnd cartoon stabilizer. Click to the 3D objects sketched cartoons, and automatically generate any strokes to create a sketch preset *

Improved extrusion machine 3D: Create 3D logos and works of any text layer striking, selection, path, or mask layer gyda’rgwell3D extrusion machine, which offers faster editing, on-screen controls, and a better chance of beveling. *

Text Styles: Save time and comply with bermatzekomotako styles that apply to the selected formats, lines or paragraphs of text with one click without leaving it.

VectorLayers: Use vector layers to apply strokes and add inclines to vector objects.

Clearer vector rendering: Take a sharper rendering by clicking once to crumble the edges of vector objects by the pixels.

Custom stroke toBreak the lines: Easily create your own moves and dashed lines.

Search layer: Use the search capabilities layer fast zero in which you need to engeruza.

Light EffectsAgency: Get better performance and results from the new, 64-bit Light Effects Gallery. On the plug-inIs a Mercury graphics engine and offers forecasts and lighting controls that make it easier to see improvements, it’s on-screen overhead. *

Images in the oil filter: very quickly in your mind gyda’rhidlo Mercury Graphics Engine powered from oil paintings. Manage the style of your brush,As well as the direction and shine zurelook better lighting.

Tips Airbrush: Make real airbrush effects, like live controls using liquid and granular particles of color.

Brush Improvements: Paint more naturally with the mouse to change the rotation of the manual for your brush. DynamicTo change the size of the brush shortcuts, and the opacity of the Mercury graphics engine adjust fluidlyneu firmness.

10-bit Deep Color support: Your photos will appear in a movie with a 10-bit representation zehatzagoalaguntza monitor. Watch only the pixels you’ve captured, to get smallerEliminating the need for trembling, and reducing contouring or tapes.

Lutsk support 3D: 3D movie easier to retouch image search (Lutsk) can Lutsk Adobe SpeedGrade color .Look color needs to change the raw data, including tables turn.

Magick parameters transparency:Select and ynyn alpha channels Magick files that you want to manage as alpha channels or transparency.

Panel Properties: Save time batekinJabetza context sensitive panel that allows you to quickly update your homemade, customization, and properties of 3D content.

Adobe Bridge CS6:Manage your media faster, especially when dealing with large image files. Adobe Bridge CS6 64-bit support and improved user interface and provides a variety of platforms database.

Adobe redesigned Mini Bridge: Access your files faster and easierAdogfennau Adobe Mini Bridge, redesigned as an elegant filmstrip.

Pantailetanburu-up: use head-up displays for more details and objects and transforming text.

TIFFsolve support: TIFF files to work with a wider range. Improved support higher bit of TIFF files and provides greaterDepth.

Automatic resampling: get great results automatically selects the best method to resample the image to resize it.

Add text: Save time gyda’ry read more the text box when the working class is the subject of.

Gehiagogoiko sizes of brushes:Edit and paint with brush sizes all the way up to 5000px.

Windows system requirements

Intel Pentium4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor

Or Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 * Windows 7 Service Pack 1

1GB of RAM

1 GB of hard disk space for the installation; Additional free space required during the installation(Can not be installed on removable flash storage devices)

1024×768 display (1280×800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512 VRAM

A system capable of OpenGL


Gurekinsoftware will work without activation. Broadband Internet connection activation and registration software, validation of subscriptions,As well as access to Internet services. Phone activation is not available.

* 3D features and some GPU features are supported in Windows XP.

Changes to this version:

* Updating Adobe Photoshop contains many essential security solutions, enhancing stability and pherfformiadtra, a large numberThe priority mistakes lantzen3D, culture, nature, painting, mountaineering, as well as high

Languages: English, German, English, Espaol, Franais, Franais *, * Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugus (Brazil), Suomi, Svenska, Turkish, Ukrainian, Cetina, * ,,,,

* Full support forRight-left languages ​​Arabic and the Middle East, has Arabic / Hebrew and English a Jewish version of the interface; North Africa is also a French version (Français *) in the right chwithcymorth the whole language, the characteristics of Arabic / Hebrew, and French interface.

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